Canadian Company trying to Save School Kids- In Africa


Vancouver, Canada (September 1, 2018) An innovative Canadian safety solution, being used by school boards in the USA, is now on its way to Mali, Africa.

Every year in Africa over 85,000 kids are killed or injured on the journey to and from school. Called the world’s most dangerous school run by some, millions of African kids risk their lives every day to get an education. Canadian company Medical Data Carrier is trying to improve their odds by sending over thousands of their potentially lifesaving School Bag Tags.

The Medical Data Carrier School Bag Tag is a patented vinyl sleeve that holds a two sided data form that contains crucial medical and emergency contact information about the student. It is zip tied to the child’s backpack and is available and ready in case of an accident.

Temin Grégoire Tessougue, President of The Friends of the Road Association in Sikasso, Mali  says, “ We are working in the field of road traffic accident prevention specifically among children in the school environment. The Canadian School Bag Tag allows Good Samaritan first responders to know information about the child, when a road accident occurs, before the arrival of professional help and is passed on for further use by the receiving hospital.”  He added, “Our organization is now training a 1000 school kids in first aid so that they can act as first responders to the injured children on the roads”.

“We are so pleased to be able to make an immediate impact on the safety of these school kids in Mali, stated Steve Reed, President of Medical Data Carrier. We are opening this initiative up to other supporters who may want to chip in and have their branding on the tags, because there are just so many kids who need one. For every School Bag Tag that we sell in North America we will send one to a school kid in Africa,” he added.

For more information, please contact:

Steve Reed: President

Medical Data Carrier



Temin Grégoire Tessougue: President of The Friends of the Road Association