About us

At Medical Data Carrier IM Inc. we are always asking two questions; "what if?" and "then what?"

What if, while participating in an activity or while working at the job, a loved one, family member, friend, co worker or employee was involved in an accident. Supposing that they are wisely wearing a helmet and that the helmet serves its purpose; to protect the head, what next. There is a very real risk that the person will be scared, injured, disoriented, groggy, in shock, unconscious or worse. Not commonly know is the fact that improper helmet removal can result in collateral C-spine damage, paralysis or even death. Medical Data Carrier speaks for those who cannot speak.

We are a leading provider of on helmet medical and contact information systems. In fact the IM in our company name stands for Information Management. Our high visibility ID pouch and medical data form is simple, effective and cost efficient. Our kit includes everything that you need to protect yourself, a loved one, your employees…anyone who wears a helmet. Why would you NOT want to make crucial medical and contact infomation readily available and give emergency responders or good samaritans precious time by having a Medical Data Carrier on all of your helmets?.

Our non-exotheric adhesive means that our Medical Data Carrier is safe on all helmet surfaces.

Make your helmet a lifesaver…Today! Stick it on and save a life.