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Child Carrier
Child Carrier

Child Carrier

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“The Medical Data Carrier products are a simple and very effective means for anyone to provide 911 and EMS with this very crucial information. In addition to the medical information, the emergency contact and medical plan information on the MDC enables first responders to notify and provide medical administration (Hospital) with relevant information at the most crucial time”

Kelly Nash,
Executive Director of The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada.

MDC for Baby Carriers, diaper bags and more!

The sister product to the car sign is our MDC for strollers and removable car seats. It is an affordable and efficient way to make sure that everyone who is within the child's circle of care can have all the data and more that EMS require to perform an efficient and effective triage and treatment. Mom and Dad and those with caregiver responsibility get peace of mind having this data on hand.

Inside the tamper resistant carrier is the two-sided, water and tear proof form that contains information on the identity and medical history of the infant including such details as allergies, medications, blood type and pre-existing medical conditions that assist first responders with the crucial triage stage of the child’s care.

Stick it on anything, including your diaper bag to make this crucial data available should it be needed. 

Each Medical Data Contains:

  1. Medical Data Carrier (Pouch) – View Sample*
  2. Double sided Form – View Sample*
  3. Pencil

Note: Some packages are bilingual and contain English and a second language on the package, the carrier and separate form. Please ask distributor or retailer for details.

*Packages and Samples are subject to change and may appear different from actual product.
**Unpackaged contains Data Carrier and Form only. No pencil.