School Bag -----  Medical Data and Emergency Information Carrier

School Bag ----- Medical Data and Emergency Information Carrier

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Finally a school bag tag 
that can save a Student’s life.

Whether on the bus, on a bike or just walking to school the Medical Data Carrier puts crucial medical and emergency contact information immediately into the hands of first responders in the event of an accident

Mom or Dad complete a minimum baseline or provide all of the information fields. Simply fill in the two sided form, fold and insert into the pouch, tuck in flap and attach to the student’s school bag.

Our patented flap and synthetic paper mean the MDC can withstand severe weather.

Take it on school outings and field trips to reduce paperwork and streamline processes ; the Medical Data Carrier is a welcomed addition to your existing emergency preparedness platform

Each Medical Data Contains:

  1. Medical Data Carrier (Pouch) – View Sample*
  2. Double sided Form – View Sample*
  3. 3M adhesive for helmet use

Note: Some packages are bilingual and contain English and a second language on the package, the carrier and separate form. Please ask distributor or retailer for details.

*Packages and Samples are subject to change and may appear different from actual product.
**Unpackaged contains Data Carrier and Form only.